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Daily Devotions

Christian daily devotions based on the Bible about five minutes in duration. We have intentionally developed the daily devotions around a weekly theme. So there are seven days of daily devotions that focus on the theme and bring you insight, understanding and revelation from the Bible. Each week's theme is listed as a series. So you can listen to the current week's daily devotions or go to any previous theme/series that speaks to your present need.

God's Word is spiritual food and nourishment. The Bible uses many metaphors: bread, milk, meat, food, water, honey, seed, rain, light, lamp, gold, sword, etc. for itself. God's Word is the basis for our faith. It is God's power at work in our lives. As you receive God's Word expect to receive wisdom and guidance. Expect to be healed, delivered, transformed. Expect God's supernatural power to work miracles in your life. His Word never returns void or unfulfilled.

You can watch the video or download and listen to the audio. Almost all daily devotions end with a prayer. You can access these from this page as well as from the Home page of this website.

All our daily devotions are also available on our free church App for you to listen on your mobile device. Download our free church App from App or Google Play stores. Search for "All Peoples Church Bangalore".

Weekly Themes Listing

A Defeated Foe
A Heart of Praise
Abide In God
Abiding Word
Abraham's Blessings
Abraham's Journey of Faith
Achieve the Vision
Activating God's Presence
Advance Boldly
After God's Heart
Armor of God
Believer's Authority Basics
Benefits of Praying in Tongues
Being The Church
Bible Characters
Bible Characters-2
Born of God (Series 1)
Bride Of Christ
By Faith
Captivity Turned
Cast Down Imaginations
Change to Grow
Children of God
Children of God (Series - 2)
Choosing to Win
Coming Back Strong
Conditions of the heart
Confidence in Prayer
Daily Reminders!
David the Giant Killer
Decision Making
Declare Faith
Deeper In The Word
Destiny Destroyers
Divine Favor
Devoted Heart
Doing His Works
Don't Quit
Driven Into the Wilderness
Effective Prayer
Enter His Presence
Exam Series
Exercising Authority
Exercising Faith
Faith Basics
Faith for the Future
Faith To Conquer
Favor of God
Fear of the Lord
Fear of the Lord (Series - 2)
Feeding on the Word
Forgiveness (Series - 2)
Free in Him
Full of New Wine
Generosity (Giving)
Give Thanks
Go Take Your Mountain!
God Encounters
God Imitators
God of Increase
God So Loved
God's Amazing Love
God's Blueprint
God's Signposts - 1
God's Signposts - 2
God's Word
God's refreshing for daily living - 1
God's refreshing for daily living - 2
Good Friday Meditations
Good News
Growing By The Word
Healing After Abuse or Trauma
Healing is ours
Heavenly Wisdom for Earthly Living
Her Worship
Holding On, Letting Go
Holy Spirit
Hope in God
Hope In Tough Times
How To Test Personal Prophecy
Humility (Series-2)
Humility (Series-3)
Reigning in Life
Renewed Thinking
Resolving Conflicts
Response to Adversity
Rest in God
Resurrection Power
Richness of God's Love
Righteous in Him
Run the Race
Satan's Tactics
Seedtime And Harvest
Seek Intimacy
Seeking Revival
Serve Well
Seven Steps in faith
Show and Tell
Songs Devotionals
Songspiration (Series-2)
Speak Life
Speak the Word
Speaking and Praying in Tongues
Spirit Filled Living
Spirit of the Lord
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Maturity
Stepping Up Higher
Still I Will Praise Him
Strange Doctrines
Strengthening Our Inner Man
Stories from my life - The Early Days
Sun Of Righteousness
Supernatural Turnaround
Symbols of God's Word
Take New Ground!
Taking Responsibility
The Antidote
The Beliver's Walk
The Blood of Jesus
The Cross
The Faith Walk
The Fear of God
The Good Fight of Faith
The gift of praying in tongues
The Gift of Prophecy
The Human Spirit
The Lap of Delilah
The Lord’s Prayer
The Parables
The Potter And The Clay
The Prayers
The Promise of His Coming
The Prophetic Word
The Questions
The Resurrection-Fallacies, Realities and Outcomes
The Shepherd and His Sheep
The Son of God
The Uniqueness of Christ
The Vine And The Branches
This Is Jesus
Times & Seasons of Life
Tongue of the Wise
Trials and Challenges
Truth For The Young
Tuning into the Spirit
Unchanging Jesus
Victorious in Him
Walk in the Spirit
Ways to Receive Healing
What Do You Do with The Prophecy You Have Received
What Time Is It?
When Faith Seems Weak
When God Became A Man
Who am I
Why Prayer?
Wonderful Savior
Word of the Lord 2023
Word Power
Work (God's Original Design)
Worry Free
Worship (Series -1)
Worship (Series -2)
Worship (Series -3)
ZOE: The God-Kind of Life

All Peoples Church in Bangalore is a Spirit-filled, Word-based, Bible-believing Christian fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ desiring more of His presence and supernatural power bringing transformation, healing, miracles, and deliverance. We preach the full Gospel, equip believers to live out our new life in Christ, welcome the Charismatic and Pentecostal expressions in the assembly of God and serve in strengthening unity across all Christian churches. All free resources, sermons, daily devotionals, and free Christian books are provided for the strengthening of all believers in the Body of Christ. For further equipping, please visit APC Bible College.


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