Weekend School

The weekend schools are geared to train and equip believers in specific areas of life and ministry. These are conveniently held on a Saturday, 9:00-18:00. Weekend schools are open to all believers from all churches and across denominations, who are interested in being trained and equipped. Below is a list of weekend schools that are currently being hosted.

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Weekend School of Prophetic Ministry

Have you wondered how God speaks and how you can hear what God is saying?
Whether you are a home-maker, a business person, a professional, an artist, a student, a teacher or in Christian ministry - whoever you are - you can learn how to hear God for yourself and for others. Learn how to hear from God, flow in the prophetic and be used by God in the prophetic.

Topics that will be covered during the sessions include:

  • Understanding the prophetic realm
  • The power of the prophetic word
  • Prophetic intercession
  • Prophetic power
  • Prophetic worship
  • Activating the gift of prophecy
  • Hearing from the holy spirit
  • Testing and interpreting personal prophecies
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Practical issues concerning prophetic ministry

All participants will be able to practice hearing from God in lab sessions.
Personal prophetic ministry will also be administered to all participants after the sessions.

Content for this school is regularly updated. So, even if you have attended this weekend school previously, you are welcome to attend again, to learn fresh insights and be equipped for further ministry.

Weekend School of Healing and Deliverance
Weekend School on Manifesting the Gifts of the Spirit
Weekend School of Prayer and Intercession
Weekend School of Urban Missions and Church Planting
Weekend School on God@Work
Weekend School on Inner Wholeness
Weekend School of Apologetics With Power
Weekend School on Lifestyle Evangelism
Our weekend schools are canceled until further notice.