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Prayer is the life breath of the local church and is the key to all that we do. It is our dependence on Him and our opportunity to shape history and the destiny of our city, nation, and nations. While we encourage people at APC to gather informally and spontaneously for prayer anywhere, anytime, we also set aside dedicated times for prayer.

Weekly Friday Prayer and Fasting
We encourage all at APC to take time to fast and pray every Friday. Kindly note, there is no compulsion. You may fast 1, or 2, or 3 meals, according to your choice. At their discretion, parents may encourage their teens and young people to also participate. If you are on medications, etc., please check with your physician, how you should engage in fasting.
If Friday is not convenient you can fast and pray any other day(s).

You can add your own prayer points to these:

#1, Pray for your own self and your family

#2, Pray for our church congregations and people you may know personally
A) Maturity - That every person in our congregations will grow into Christ-likeness in all things.
B) Miracles - That we will see increased miracles of healings, deliverances, provision, needs met to bless individuals, families and businesses
C) Multiplication - That each location will continue to grow and great multitudes of people will become part of these congregations
D) Ministries - That as a church we will have great impact on our city, nation and the nations through the various ministries God has assigned to us

#3, Pray for our city and for our nation

Five Days of Prayer
Twice a year we set aside an entire week to seek the Lord in prayer and worship.
We spend five days, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., in worship and prayer.

Mon-Fri Nov 27-Dec 1

Mon-Fri Jul 22-26
Mon-Fri Dec 02-06

Five Days of Prayer Guide PDF

Sermons on Prayer
You are welcome to listen to these sermon series to help you develop and strengthen your prayer life.
The Chosen Fast
Ministering Through Prayer
Revivals, Visitations and Moves of God
Watchful In Prayer
Pictures of the Church (Part 3) A House of Prayer

Prayer Training
Attend the Weekend School of Prayer and Intercession

All Peoples Church in Bangalore is a Spirit-filled, Word-based, Bible-believing Christian fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ desiring more of His presence and supernatural power bringing transformation, healing, miracles, and deliverance. We preach the full Gospel, equip believers to live out our new life in Christ, welcome the Charismatic and Pentecostal expressions in the assembly of God and serve in strengthening unity across all Christian churches. All free resources, sermons, daily devotionals, and free Christian books are provided for the strengthening of all believers in the Body of Christ. For further equipping, please visit APC Bible College.


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