Report Incident of Misdemeanor, Spiritual or Sexual Abuse

At All Peoples Church we desire to maintain godly standards in our conduct in life and ministry. We have shared much of our position on this in our APC Book "Code of Honor". We require our Trustees, Senior Pastor, Pastoral Team, Church Staff, Volunteers, and Congregants in our church community to walk in godliness, treating one another with respect and honor. We are also committed to holding ourselves accountable to Biblical standards.

If you have been personally affected or you have observed any misdemeanor (improper conduct), spiritual or sexual abuse from any person in our church community, you can report this incident to us anonymously, here. We encourage you to report the incident at the first instant, without delay. Please provide as much detail as possible so that a thorough and fair investigation can be done. We understand that in certain situations individual privacy must be respected.

This information will be sent directly to the Trustees of All Peoples Church who will investigate the matter further and take appropriate action. If this report involves a Trustee or Pastor, that person will be excluded from being part of the investigative team, and will be required to provide their response to the rest of the Trustees. If required, an independent investigation team will be engaged to ensure an impartial and thorough investigation.

Please describe the incident in as much detail as possible:

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