Discipleship church in Bangalore


At APC our goal is to disciple people, help them grow in Christlikeness, discover and fulfill God's purposes for their lives.

We desire to see new believers maturing into being disciples of Jesus Christ, then growing into becoming ministers (servants) of Christ and taking on roles of responsibility (leaders) in their areas of gifting and calling.

Our FOUNDATIONS course is specially designed to help provide new believers with strong foundations and mature them into being disciples.

New Believer Disciple Minister Leader

While we do not "script" people's spiritual journeys, we provide all possible resources and encourage relationships that help shape people in their spiritual growth. We encourage people to identify where they need to grow and take initiative to work on those areas, using what has been made available to them.

We encourage people to initiate and take responsibility to foster discipling (nurturing, mentoring) relationships one on one, in group settings (e.g. Life Groups), and across generations (age groups). Discipleship at APC happens based on relationships, and is more life centric rather than program centric.

At APC we believe in discipling in the midst of life—not outside of life (technically, we'd call this 'on-the-job' training, as distinguished from classroom training). We believe discipleship happens anytime, anywhere. Hence we encourage people to serve in church, go on missions trips and along the way we coach them, build them up.

Growth is normal and is expected. Growth is seen by increase in stature, ability, maturity and responsibility. We discuss how we grow spiritually as we look at six key elements of growth. Spiritual growth causes increase in Christlikeness and fruitfulness.


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