2023 Year In Review

Ministry & Financial Report: 2023 Year in Review

Dear APC Church Family & Friends,

Wishing you a blessed time this Christmas and a fruitful 2024!

It is always a joy to look back at the end of each year and thank the Lord for all the wonderful things He has done. We are grateful for every opportunity given to us to serve Him, serve His people and bless the lives of those around us. Our desire is to re-present Him accurately to those in the church, the city, the nation, and the nations.

As a church we continue to stay focused on our Biblical mandate to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), to nurture every believer into Christlikeness (Ephesians 4:11-13) and to equip God's people for the work of the ministry. At APC every believer is a minister!

A big thank you to all our staff, pastors, volunteers and to all of you who are part of what God is doing at APC!

APC's audited annual financial statements are available at: apcwo.org/financials

Below is a quick summary/review of 2023. Financial numbers given are total expense for the event or money disbursed for the ministry area. All data is as of December 18, 2023.

Several new ministries/initiatives were started in 2023 to serve our community locally and believers nationwide. These include (A)starting 8am Sunday Service at APC Central (B)Men’s Breakfast Meetings (C)Women’s Luncheons (D)Single Adults Meets (E)Life Coaching (F) Short-Term Bible College (STBC) in Bangalore (G)Youth Missions Conference (H)APC Outreach Churches (3 new church plants from our outreach churches).

The actual number of congregants at each location is higher than average reported below.




Central 8am



Central 10:30am



















Mangalore City



Mangalore (Deralakatte)







Live stream average attendance: 215 concurrent viewers from several countries.

During 2023 we had about 1058 First Time Visitors attend our English services. We saw at least 54 people make first-time decisions to follow Jesus during our English services (based on decision cards). At APC Bangalore we saw 28 water baptisms and welcomed 51 individuals as new members at APC in 2023.

APC Bangalore has 40 Life Groups with about 338 people (adults) attending Life Groups (this is about 8 adults at each Life Group, 41% of our adult congregation).

The teaching ministry during 2023 addressed several topics of importance including: Daily Habits and Routines; Purposes, Plans, Pursuits; Daily Devotion; The Gift of Righteousness; Mentoring, Coaching and Nurturing People; Study on Prayer; 1&2 Thessalonians; and God's Covenant for the Family. Similarly, the Children's Church, Teen Church and Youth Ministry focused on nurturing people in each of these age groups, establishing them in God's Word, welcoming more of the Spirit's work, and building fellowship and community. The extended times of prayer (30 days, 5 days) during the year, Financial planning workshops and monthly Weekend Schools were well attended. In addition, we held several conferences and events (listed below) through the year to serve the church community.


2023 Bangalore Events

Kids Conference

₹ 2,57,204.00

Teens Retreat

₹ 78,022.00

Youth Camp

₹ 6,50,610.00

APC Youth Retreat

₹ 1,07,974.00

Christian Leaders Conference

₹ 5,59,832.10

Women’s Conference

₹ 4,23,038.00

Men’s Conference

₹ 2,63,587.00

Arts Conference

₹ 4,24,744.00

Marriage & Family Conference

₹ 4,27,927.00

Christian Professionals Conference

₹ 3,75,742.00

Church Day out

₹ 4,74,045.00

Men’s Breakfast Meet

₹ 94,027.00

Women’s Luncheon

₹ 1,69,793.00

Single Adults meet

₹ 69,835.00


₹ 43,76,380.10

Generosity Fund assists people at APC in their time of financial need. ₹ 4,32,600/- was disbursed through 2023.

Life Coaching, a new initiative launched in 2023, is designed to assist people in the church community in areas of spiritual nurture, profession & career, business, marriage & family, and life skills. We have 57 people available as mentors in our Life Coaching program. In 2023, 40 people received mentoring through the Life Coaching program. We are moving to an AI-powered matching platform, through which we will be able to extend Life Coaching to many more people.

Chrysalis Counseling provides professional, Bible based counseling for those within the church community as well as from outside. In 2023, we had 257 individuals receive counseling ministry. We had 10 new couples go through APC’s Marriage Preparation Course. Additionally, 86 couples received marriage counseling through Chrysalis. (Please note, this count does not include individuals and couples who meet directly with APC pastors for pastoral counseling, mentoring and nurture.)

Missions is an important part of the ministry at APC. We reach beyond our own community and city, to serve people across our nation.

In 2023 APC teams ministered at various APC outreach churches, youth conferences and youth outreaches, as part of its missions work. Our 2023 missions covered places such as Baloda Bazar (Chattisgarh), Banswara (Rajasthan), Berhampur (Odisha), Birmitrapur (Odisha), Kalyan (Maharashtra), Kohima (Nagaland), Mangalore (Karnataka), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Nashik (Maharashtra) and Secunderabad (Telangana). A total of 92 individuals from APC travelled on various missions teams. Out of these 74 were APC young people, below 30 years of age. For the first time we hosted a youth missions conference to envision young people for missions. 205 young people from 18 churches, across 10 states in India participated at the youth missions conference.

APC has 11 outreach churches and some of these have additional branch churches in their areas. Outreach churches: Mangalore, Karnataka (90 people), Dareleketta, Mangalore (15 people), Kalyan, Maharashtra (115 people), Nashik, Maharashtra (63 people), Berhampur, Orissa (93 people), Baloda Bazar, Chattisgarh (179 people), Pachepedi, Chattisgarh (25 people), Kohima, Nagaland (104 people), two churches in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Shahanshapur 335 people & Benipur 144 people), Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh (24 people), Santrampur, Gujarat (49 people) & Banswara, Rajasthan (30 people) and Bhurisher, Rajasthan (30). We support 14 people as part of APC Outreach ministry. Dareleketta, Pachepedi and Bhurisher were new church plants in 2023.

As part of APC Missions, we also contribute to and support other mission organizations.

APC Missons

Missions Trips

₹ 2,40,080.00

Outreach Churches (support for 14 people)

₹ 33,43,528.70

Contributions to other mission organizations

₹ 10,10,000.00

Youth Missions Conference

₹ 15,84,413.00


₹ 61,78,021.70

Another very important part of the ministry of APC is its books that are freely distributed in print as well as digitally. APC’s books are available in 14 languages (English, 10 Indian, 3 foreign). We spent ₹ 1,08,35,355.60 for the printing and distribution of APC books in 2023. APC Books are also distributed across 10+ digital platforms globally. Audio books in English are also a useful resource. In 2023 we had a total of 5,56,673 downloads of our PDF Books (APC website + Google Books + Amazon) and a total of 27,538 downloads of our audio books.

Media and technology are an important part of extending our reach to the nations. The video production of our Sunday services continues to serve people who watch either live or the recording of the Sunday services. APC’s resources, including the Sunday sermons, sermon notes, books, audio books, etc. made freely available through our church website are accessed by people globally. In 2023 APC’s church website had 3,22,574 visits, from people in 500 cities from 218 countries. Our media and technology teams also support our Bible college and all internal church administrative and management processes.

About 40 people currently serve as part of our worship team in Bangalore. In addition to leading us in worship at the Sunday services and other times, the worship team works on writing and producing original compositions. In 2023 the worship team wrote 13 new songs, of which 7 songs have been taken into production. 4 of these have already been released. We spent ₹ 13,69,506/- to produce these new songs in 2023.

APC’s Bible College is another important part of our ministry through which we equip people across our nation and other nations for Christian ministry. Students have the option to study in-person on campus, online and via our E-learning portal. We currently have 29 students on-campus and 60 students studying online. We have 2560 students from 103 countries engaging with our lectures via our E-learning portal.

Bible College

Bible College operations

₹ 36,24,330.68

Short-Term Bible College (STBC) English+Hindi

₹ 11,05,551.00


₹ 47,29,881.68

As of December 2023, APC has 29 people as full-time paid staff and 19 people as paid consultants. Across all APC Bangalore locations we have about 220 people who serve as volunteers (48 people as volunteers at APC Mangalore).

The Build To Impact project for the establishing of APC's world outreach and equipping center is in progress. We currently have the full amount for our estimated Phase-1 target of 15 Crores for the purchase and registration of the land. We are continuing to receive funds for our estimated Phase-2 target of 12 Crores for building construction. We have been working on the legal process for the land purchase and should have an update very soon. For details please visit: apcwo.org/buildtoimpact

As we continue our journey of being salt and light in our city, a voice to our nation and to the nations, our focus areas include: (A)reaching people in our city with the Gospel (B)extending our efforts via Theatre Productions and Short-Films to engage people meaningfully (C)strategically implement the Church Planting & Ministry Accelerator Program across our nation (D)build a strong team to leverage Technology in Missions to bring God’s word “to every tribe, tongue, people and nation” (audacious goal, but something to work towards) (E)build APC World Missions to empower APC Bible College graduates to establish churches and ministries globally.

Thank you for being part of the journey and the work at APC. We are deeply grateful to each one who journeys with us, prays with us and gives to the work of the Lord at APC.

We have listed these areas below if you wish to designate your giving towards a specific area in 2024. For our bank and other details please visit apcwo.org/give

1. General Church Fund: tithes and offerings to be used in one or more areas at APC and its ministries.
2. Books: translation, printing, and distribution of APC's books in English and regional languages (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 1.5 Crore)
3. Bible College: operations and scholarship/assistantship for students at APC's Bible College in Bangalore (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 75 Lacs).
4. Outreach Churches: support of APC's church plants around India (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 50 Lacs)
5. India Missions: for APC's missions work around India includes conferences, seminars, training programs, church building projects and financial contributions to other churches and ministries around India (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 60 Lacs)
6. Generosity Fund: to financially assist members of APC Bangalore who are in need (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 10 Lacs)
7. Church Planting & Ministry Accelerator Program (CPMAP): mentor and support church planting teams to plant new churches and start new ministries across India (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 1 Crore)
8. APC Studio: produce high quality short films to nurture urban children, teens, and youth in God's Word, addressing real life issues (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 1 Crore).
9. APC Music: produce new songs composed by APC worship team in English and regional languages (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 30 Lacs).
10. Build To Impact (BTI): APC Bangalore church building project (Estimated Phase 2 target: ₹ 12 Crore).
11. Theatre Production: ministering to people through live theatre productions (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 25 Lacs).
12. Social Action Initiative: to help fight poverty, unemployment, and other social challenges (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 25 Lacs)
13. Technology in Missions: leveraging technology to reach, engage and serve people globally with God's Word (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 50 Lacs)
14. Medical Missions: assistance to Christian mission hospitals in India (Estimated 2024 target: ₹ 25 Lacs)

As we prepare for the journey ahead, we are looking for many people to join our team. For open positions and details on how to apply, please visit apcwo.org/employment.

May the Lord Jesus be glorified in all things!

All Peoples Church & World Outreach, Bangalore, India

All Peoples Church in Bangalore is a Spirit-filled, Word-based, Bible-believing Christian fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ desiring more of His presence and supernatural power bringing transformation, healing, miracles, and deliverance. We preach the full Gospel, equip believers to live out our new life in Christ, welcome the Charismatic and Pentecostal expressions in the assembly of God and serve in strengthening unity across all Christian churches. All free resources, sermons, daily devotionals, and free Christian books are provided for the strengthening of all believers in the Body of Christ. For further equipping, please visit APC Bible College.


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