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Mind and Mental Health

My Mind (Mind and Mental Health) : Sermons in this series

People globally are facing challenges with their mental health. But all is not lost, and we do not have to live with a sense of gloom and doom. The sun will shine, and bright days are here. Discover practical Biblical insights and truth we can apply to overcome challenges we face with our mind. Learn how to develop robust mental health, and maintain a positive, healthy mindset.

Mental health has to do with how you are doing in your soul - your mind, will and emotions. It has to do with your emotional and psychological well-being. Having good mental health, being sound, well and whole in your soul is important because it affects how we feel, think, and behave. It affects how we go about life, how we relate to others, how we face challenges and handle difficult situations and how we do in things we are responsible for - education, work, etc. When we are doing well mentally, we can enjoy life, enjoy meaningful relationships, enjoy work, overcome life's challenges, be productive, keep growing towards our full potential and make meaningful contributions to those around us. The fact is that all of us face challenges at one point or another, with our mental health, our emotional and psychological well-being. There is nothing wrong in recognizing the difficulties you are facing, to get help, and address those mental health challenges in a positive way.

This sermon series presents a Biblical approach towards training and developing our mind, so that we can maintain good mental health, live with soundness, wellness, and wholeness in our mind, with a good, healthy positive mindset. In part 1, we discuss "The Mind, Imagination and Mental Health." In part 2, we address the topics of "Concentration, Distractions, Wandering". In part 3, we try to understand how "Temptations, Addictions, Deceptions" work and how to overcome these. In part 4, we learn about "Controlling Your Thoughts, Training Your Thinking" so we can use our faculties effectively. In part 5, we discover the important discipline of "Renewing Your Mind and Renewed Thinking", that transforms our way of life. In part 6, we learn the Biblical way to "Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Emotions", an important area for all of us. In part 7: we understand the importance of "Maintaining a Positive Mindset".

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