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LEADERSHIP - The Four Cs of Leadership character competence compassion charisma

Leadership - Character, Competence, Compassion, Charisma : Sermons in this series

What does a great leader and good leadership look like? How can I recognize a great leader and good leadership? (And how can I identify the opposite?). What areas do I need to grow in to be a great leader and provide good leadership? We present an objective framework in “the four C’s of leadership” comprising of: Character, Competence, Compassion and Charisma. It is useful to have these together, as a framework by which to evaluate ourselves and others as leaders. This will help us recognize areas that we should assess, evaluate, and develop ourselves as leaders, to be great leaders and provide good leadership. It becomes an objective standard, by which we look at leadership. In the Church, having such a framework helps us see through the hype, the celebrity status, the façade that we often put on, the smoke screens we hide behind, and discern clearly when a person has been truly called, anointed, and raised up by God to be a leader to His people.

In Part-1 of this series we address the aspect of character and its importance. We present seven ingredients of good character and four ways such character is developed.
In Part-2 of this series we address the aspect of competence. We present seven general competencies every leader must have.
In Part-3 of this series we address the aspect of compassion, the importance of being a compassionate leader, seven ways how compassion is expressed and how to do this with wisdom.
In Part-4 of this series we address the aspect of charisma, the ability to influence, mobilize, motivate, and inspire people, and seven building blocks of charisma.

Download the free info graphic and use it as a reminder of the four C’s of Leadership (click to download).

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