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All Peoples Church in Bangalore is delighted to make these free Christian sermons available through our website. These contain Bible teaching, expository preaching and inspirational sermons on a wide range of themes and topics on the Christian faith, healing, holiness, Spirit-filled life, inner wholeness, Holy Spirit, Cross of Jesus Christ, Blood of Jesus, Blood Covenant, prayer, gifts of the Spirit, praying in tongues, intercession, evangelism, miracles, deliverance, supernatural, marketplace, family, marriage, prophetic, ministry, local church, guidance, purpose, End-Times, and more. Topics are often covered in a series of messages. You can watch the video, download, and listen to the audio MP3, use the sermon notes provided in PDF format, and the sermon presentation in PPT. All free to use and share.

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All Peoples Church in Bangalore is a Spirit-filled, Word-based, Bible-believing Christian fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ desiring more of His presence and supernatural power bringing transformation, healing, miracles, and deliverance. We preach the full Gospel, equip believers to live out our new life in Christ, welcome the Charismatic and Pentecostal expressions in the assembly of God and serve in strengthening unity across all Christian churches. All free resources, sermons, daily devotionals, and free Christian books are provided for the strengthening of all believers in the Body of Christ. For further equipping, please visit APC Bible College.

God's Word (TV)

God's Word (TV)

Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

God's Word (TV)

One very important element in our Christian walk that determines the quality of our entire Christian experience is the Word of God. Whether we walk in victory or not, and the measure of blessing we actually experience is greatly influenced by the measure of God’s Word that we are able to receive and consistently enforce in our daily living.

It is true, that at first the Scriptures may seem lifeless, perhaps even boring for the casual reader. But to those who have received an understanding of its inherent power and the place that God Himself has assigned His Word to have in the life of His people, the Word is alive! They have rested their entire present and future on what the Scriptures say. Even when they cannot see, touch, hear, smell or taste—they still ‘know’ because the Word has produced in them a confident assurance, and a strong and unshakable conviction.

Our hearts’ desire is that each one, to whom we have the privilege of reaching through the medium of this book, will be brought to this confident assurance in their walk with the Lord. If you have already attained some degree of understanding in the Word, we desire that you will be strengthened and encouraged even more.

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Sermons in this series
Mon, Oct 29, 2012
We need a firm foundation, to stand through the storms of life. A firm foundation that provides strength and stability regardless of the heights we scale in life. Today on LivingStrong! We discover that God’s Word is that strong foundation that will gives strength and stability through all of life’s challenges. A house built on the rock will stand firm.
Mon, Nov 05, 2012
Duration: 28 mins 15 secs
There are some things the God of the Bible cannot do, and one of them is He can never lie. God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He like men to go back on His Word. Today on LivingStrong! we discover the purity and power of God’s Word - two key elements of God Himself, reflected in the Word He speaks. The purity and power of God’s Word become the basis of solid faith in God.
Mon, Nov 12, 2012
Duration: 28 mins 27 secs
There are things in our natural world that teach us about the spiritual world. The process of a seed germinating, sprouting and becoming a plant or a tree is one such natural phenomena that reveal spiritual reality. Today on LivingStrong! we discover that God’s Word is like miracle seed – which when sown and nurtured in our hearts will release God’s miracle working power in our lives that can transform and change every situation.
Mon, Nov 19, 2012
One of the primary ways to assimilate God’s Word into our inner man is through the process of meditation. Today on LivingStrong! we learn how to meditate in God’s Word so that each one of us can experience the supernatural power of God’s Word in our lives. Stay tuned!
Mon, Nov 26, 2012
We are in a spiritual battle against the powers of darkness. One of our weapons to engage in this warfare is the sword given to us by the Holy Spirit, which is the quickened word of God. Today on LivingStrong! we learn how to receive and use the sword of the Spirit against the enemy. Stay tuned!


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