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God sees us not only as individuals but also as groups of people in communities, cities and nations. He calls us to pray for people groups. We discover some key areas to pray. Caleb a man of faith and courage transformed a city of giants into a city of refuge and friendship with God. Can we do the same today through prayer?
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We can serve others through prayer, by praying for them.
Praying for others is a powerful "ministry" in itself.

So far we have discussed how to pray for individuals, our families and our local church.

In this last message in this series, we will share some insights on praying over groups of people who need to experience the saving work of Jesus Christ in their lives. This could be a community that you live in, our city, our nation or some other community, city or nation that God is moving you to pray for.

God sees and relates to us not only as individuals, but also to groups or communities of people. That is why we can pray for our local church as a community, a group of people who have come together to pursue a common vision.

Similarly, we can pray for the areas/communities, cities or nations, for groups of people to be saved, to be brought into the Kingdom of God. This community could be the area you live in, a school, a corporate office, an IT/Business park you work at - any group of people.

In Scripture we see several things taking place in relation to cities, communities or nations.

  • Cities experienced revival and in some cases cities missed their day of visitation.
  • Prophets prophesied to cities and nations.
  • Cities and nations were judged, and in some cases forgiven.
  • We also see that cities and nations have demonic principalities ruling over them (e.g. Tyre, Persia, Ephesus, Pergamum).

God is looking for people to stand before Him on behalf of people
Isaiah 59:16; Ezekiel 22:29-31; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 29:7; Psalm 2:8

Remember our call as the Church to release His Kingdom here on earth
Matthew 6:10 We are to pray His Kingdom and His will on earth (in our communities/cities/nations) as it is in heaven
Matthew 16:18-19 We have been given authority to advance His Kingdom here on earth, against the powers of hell.

Remember the power of proclamation
Jeremiah 1:9,10 When we speak the Word God puts in our mouth, we impact nations, cities, communities, groups of people - in the spiritual realm.

What to pray for and proclaim:
#1, Pray for the light of the Gospel to penetrate the community/city/nation. Pray for more laborers to proclaim the Gospel. Make proclamation of Christ's victory on the Cross over the community/city/nation.

#2, Pray for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit bringing conviction of sin, righteous and judgment. Pray for divine visitations of God to and for the unsaved.

#3, Pray for satan's veil of blindness to be removed and for people to receive salvation and be brought into God's Kingdom

#4, Pray for the church in that community/city/nation to be strengthened.

#5, Pray for the leaders in government wisdom for them to do righteousness.

#6, Pray for peace and well-being, for social evils, injustice and unrighteousness to stop. For the entire community/city/nation to turn to God and become what God destined it to be.

Caleb's Experience : A Story To Inspire Us
Joshua 14:6-15
Focus on vs 14-15
Kirjath-Arba, means city of Arba. Arba was a great man among the Anakim giants.
Hebron means place of association, confederacy, friendship.
It also became a city of refuge where anyone who was guilty could run to save his life.

Caleb, even though he was old in years, was a man of great courage and faith. God used him to dislodge the giant and transform the city of a giant to a place of refuge and friendship with God.

Can we rise up with faith and courage in our hearts, praying for our communities/cities/nations and see them transformed?