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God's Word is spiritual food and nourishment. The Bible uses many metaphors: bread, milk, meat, food, water, honey, seed, rain, light, lamp, gold, sword, etc. for itself. God's Word is the basis for our faith. It is God's power at work in our lives. As you receive God's Word expect to receive wisdom and guidance. Expect to be healed, delivered, transformed. Expect God's supernatural power to work miracles in your life. His Word never return void or unfulfilled.

Each daily devotion is about five minutes in duration. We have intentionally developed the daily devotions around a weekly theme. So there are seven days of daily devotions that focus on the theme and bring you insight, understanding and revelation from the Bible. Each week's theme is listed as a series. So you can listen to the current week's daily devotions or go to any previous theme/series that speaks to your present need.

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by Ps Jeyakumar Isaiah

Hello and welcome back to Living supernaturally, I hope you have been having a good day. Today, we are studying God’s word and looking at the different ways by which we as believers can minister in healing. God has called us to be His hands and His feet because we are the body of Christ, and He is the head of the body. It is His desire that we go out, even as He has commissioned us as His disciples, that we go out sharing the gospel, that we go out and lay hands on the sick and bring an end to the works of the enemy in people’s lives. The enemy torments people and keeps people imprisoned in sicknesses and so on but it is God’s desire that they be set free. It is God’s desire that we be set free, first and foremost even before we minister to others. One of the ways by which we can minister healing is through repentance and renunciations of sin. Bible talks about how sin entered the world and as a consequence there was death. The original sin caused all kinds of death and decay in the world and therefore we see that the Lord Jesus on the cross took sin upon Himself, and He dealt with it on the cross so that we might be set free from sin, from the consequence of that original sin. When we repent and when we renounce, we experience the benefit of that. The Lord wants us to experience freedom. Sin, if it is intentional, if it is a habitual sin, it could open the door for physical sickness. For example, we see that the Lord Jesus, after healing a person, He sees this person in the temple, we read about this in John chapter 5, verse 14, ‘Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.”’ We know that, not all sickness is because of sin. Just because we are having a cold/ fever, we should not think, where did I sin? What wrong did I do that I’m suffering? Not at all things are because of sin. But if there is intentional pattern of sin, we could be opening doors for sickness to come in, and all kinds of symptoms to attack our body and that is what we see here and the Lord Jesus warning this person. Obviously, he was someone who was probably living in sin, and we see that this kind of condition that He had was because of it and so the Lord is saying sin no more, lest a worse thing, you already suffered this because of sin, but don’t do this, lest you invite something worse than this into your life. It is possible for this to happen. The Lord admonishes this person. As we minister healing to others, it is scriptural to, as the Lord directs us, to deal with that, to ask people every lovingly, of course, if there is anything that needs to be set right between you and God, or if there is anything that you are walking in willingly, intentionally, it is time to renounce it and let go. Repent is to make a decision, renounce is to let go, so it is time to repent, and it is time to renounce and experience the hand of the Lord, experience the power of the Lord in healing. May we do that, maybe when we give people that instruction, when we encourage them to do that, a lot of bitterness, anger and sinful lifestyle patterns can be renounced, and they can experience the healing of the Lord. Shall we pray? Father, we thank you that you are a holy God, and you are a righteous one. We thank you for taking on upon yourself sins of the world and dealing with it and destroying that body of sin. We thank you that you have freed us from the consequence of it. We pray today, that if there are any open doors because of willful sin or pattern or lifestyle of sin, we ask for forgiveness, we repent and let go/ we renounce of it, so that we may receive healing. We pray that even as you lead us to others, may we minister healing in the same way, gently and in an encouraging manner, we thank you, give you all the praise and glory, in Jesus’s matchless name we pray, Amen.

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Daily devotions to strengthen your faith each day. Daily Devotional for Spirit filled living. Each daily devotion is about five minutes in duration. These daily devotionals are centered around a weekly theme. So there are seven daily devotions that focus on the theme and bring you insight, understanding and revelation from the Bible. Each week’s theme is listed as a series. So you can listen to the current week’s devotions or go to any previous theme/series that speaks to your present need (https://apcwo.org/resources/daily-devotions ). Also available free sermons (https://apcwo.org/sermons), and free Christian books (https://apcwo.org/books) to nourish and strengthen your faith.

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