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Marriage is a holy institution designed by God between one man and one woman. Marriage must be held with honor and reverence before God, even while the arguments and reasons of people and society attempt to redefine and tear away at God's original design for marriage.

At All Peoples Church we serve to help strengthen marriages, be of help to those who go through marital challenges and struggles and bring hope and new beginnings to those who may have gone through the pain of a divorce or the loss of a spouse. We are here to serve you.

The Marriage And Family Series

The Marriage and Family series is a 10-part Sunday sermon series that starts from the basics of understanding marriage as God designed it and covers several important topics on developing a strong and healthy married life.
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Family Life Groups
Life groups are a special place where people meet for fellowship, discipleship and growing together in the journey of faith. Family life groups are a place for married couples (and their children) to meet. Please see current life group listing for places where family life groups are happening.

Marriage Preparation Course
For couples intending to get married at APC, we encourage and require them to go through and complete APC's Marriage Preparation Course, with the help and guidance of one of our counselors. The Marriage Preparation Course typically takes five to six months to cover. The Marriage Preparation Course is also available for couples, who may not be attending APC, but desire to do this as part of their pre-marital preparation. Please call Chrysalis Counseling at 1-800-300-00998 to schedule your time with a counselor.

Marriage Counseling
APC's pastoral team and its counselors at Chrysalis counseling are available to assist couples who may need help with their marriage. Please call Chrysalis Counseling at 1-800-300-00998 to schedule your time with a Counselor.

Additional Sermons

The Calling & Ministry of a Husband & Father
Marriage and fatherhood is a calling and a ministry. A husband and father is called by God to love, provide, care, guide, nurture and protect his family, as an expression of God, who is the ultimate Husband and Father. Discover the importance and what it takes to fulfill this call and ministry.

The Calling & Ministry of a Wife & Mother
Being a wife and mother can be challenging, yet rewarding. The Bible has designed specific roles for the wife and the mother to pursue and live by, which will bring forth an abundance of blessings to their marriage and family.

Courageous Manhood
In this simple, yet stirring message, that speaks directly to men—we are challenged to be “REAL” and “COURAGEOUS” men in our generation. The world is what it is, largely because, men have failed to be REAL men. Discover what mature manhood is about, and what it means to be a real man, a courageous man, in todays’ world. Get ready to be challenged!

Parenting: Challenges & Promises
A message for parents on God's promises for children and wisdom to overcome challenges.

Rediscovering Home
Can any other success compensate for failure in the home? We look at the present state of things in our city and nation, and discover timeless truths that will help us recapture God's original design for marriage and family. Get ready to be changed!

Like Father, Like Son (Nurturing Children)
Balancing romance and responsibility in marriage is not an easy thing to do, especially with the added challenges of parenting. A parent's mission statement would be: “To nurture my child in the ways of the Lord and to help my child discover and develop God-given gifts and talents so that my child can be equipped for life and empowered to fulfill the purpose of God.” In this simple message, we learn important Biblical and practical instructions for nurturing children and fulfilling our God-given responsibility as parents.

All Peoples Church in Bangalore is a Spirit-filled, Word-based, Bible-believing Christian fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ desiring more of His presence and supernatural power bringing transformation, healing, miracles, and deliverance. We preach the full Gospel, equip believers to live out our new life in Christ, welcome the Charismatic and Pentecostal expressions in the assembly of God and serve in strengthening unity across all Christian churches. All free resources, sermons, daily devotionals, and free Christian books are provided for the strengthening of all believers in the Body of Christ. For further equipping, please visit APC Bible College.


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