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Worship Team Audition

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The thought of an audition may immediately deter some from trying. Others may think that auditioning is inappropriate for a church context. To be fair, many probably picture an American Idol-esque scene when they hear “audition”, which is far from the truth.

Worship Ministry is not an industry, it is a priesthood.

We’re so thankful for all that God is doing in and through our worship ministry here at All Peoples Church and are excited to present the opportunity to partner with you to serve Jesus through the medium of music. We encourage you to read through the audition process below prior to auditioning.

Why Hold Auditions?

-    Have a focus point for people to connect with the worship ministry.
-    To add people to the worship team.
-    To increase the level of musical presentation of your music.
-    To provide a consistent, common and helpful method for growing worship ministry personnel.
-    To provide an equal and fair opportunity for every individual interested in joining the worship team.

Who can audition?

You definitely can, if-

1. You have invited the Lord Jesus as your Saviour, have a heart for worship and a desire to serve in the worship ministry of All Peoples Church (APC) &
2. You are a regular worshipper at APC for the last 3-6 months and have decided to make APC your home church &
3. You consider yourself to be skilled in the area that you are auditioning for..

Kindly note: You need to be 18 years or older to audition.

What is the audition process like?

Step 1: Fill out the online application form
Step 2: You will receive some songs by email. Practice your part for these songs.
Step 3: Attend the pre-audition meeting on Sunday prior to the date of the audition at your location after service.
Step 4: Come prepared for the audition on the date mentioned.

At the audition, you will be asked to sing/play any of the songs that you received in your email- this could be with the team or to a musical track.

You will receive a call & email on the audition results, the following week.

The selected applicants will then go through an orientation process after which they will be evaluated and rostered for ministering in worship.

Our Next Worship Team Auditions will happen on June 11th and August 27th, 2023


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