Covid Relief Testimonies church in Bangalore

While we have received numerous responses via email and text from those who have received covid relief assistance, here are a few that we would like to share:

Pastor SM, Panaji, Goa (Received August 4, 2021 via email)
God bless you for the support you sent us in Goa, during the second lockdown. We were able to distribute ration kits to the underprivileged and migrant families who lost their jobs. It was truly a blessing to see the joy and gratitude on the faces of the beneficiaries. Thank you for partnering with us in this humanitarian work. Also, we are grateful for the spiritual resources that are edifying and uplifting.

Pastor PK, Malkangiri, Odisha (Received July 31, 2021 via email)
Thank you for the support that you have given us for the ministry. We are encouraged to move forward for God's Kingdom. Due to Covid lockdown, we had no income from church. Our family faced a financial crisis. Sometimes we were not able to manage things at home. At this point, we received your support.

Pastor RL, Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh (Received July 31, 2021 via email)
Thank you for supporting me at my worst. I have a son in class 12 and a daughter in class 8. During the Covid lockdown, I did not have enough money for house rent and proper nutrition to cope with Covid-19, but God has helped me through you to pay the school fees. I am so touched by your generosity & kindness. The love of God is present in your actions.

Pastor TN, Bargarh, Odisha (Received July 20, 2021 via email)
I received money in my account. I really don't know how to thank you for this Covid Relief help. I was in a serious financial crisis. This amount helped me pay the fees of two of my sons.

Pastor GA, Bangalore, Karnataka (Received July 20, 2021 via email)
I would like to express my sincere thanks and love to you for the financial support during the Covid time. I have been serving my church for the last 5 years. Due to Covid, many believers left and the church was going through a rough time. I didn't receive any help or support during this season. My wife lost her job and we had rental dues for 8 months. In such a crucial time, we received help. With this, I paid the dues to the owner. Thank you!

Pastor SS, Ferozepur, Punjab (Received July 19, 2021 via email)
I received money for distribution of food kits to the slum dwellers. Last month, I distributed them to 20 families. Moreover, I have shared the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with them, and some of them responded. I'm very glad for your support during the pandemic.

Pastor VKK, Bijapur, Chattisgarh (Received July 15, 2021 via email)
I really appreciate and thank you for the concern and help. It is a great blessing to me. I could clear my son’s school fees.

Pastor TSS, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (Received July 15, 2021 via email)
It feels great to know that we have friends like you, those we can count on in our time of need. While distributing the kits, we saw happy and smiling faces of the poor. Some had tears of joy!

Mr. MS, Damcherra, Tripura (Received July 11, 2021 via email)
For the first time our village Chief will attend our church service. Due to the food distribution to our community, we have received such a positive response. Thank you.

Pastor SSI, Borawar, Rajasthan (Received July 10, 2021 via email)
My heartfelt thanks for the kind support. We are not part of your ministry, yet you extended help to an unknown servant of God. You have revealed Christ’s love.

Pastor ATG, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka (Received July 5, 2021 via email)
I received your support and want to thank you very much. I am really blessed. We had not paid our house rent for the last 3 months. But now I have paid it, by the grace of God. Thank you for remembering us. I thank God. May the Lord repay you according to Ruth 2:12.

Pastor DCD, Bangalore, Karnataka (Received July 3, 2021 via email)
I thank God for your mission to be a channel of blessing to many pastors, like me, who are facing tough times. I appreciate your generosity and heart to stand with us. I have used this support not only for myself but shared it with three pastors and some blind people. They were so blessed. They were struggling to meet their daily needs. We assure our prayers for your ministry. We have learnt to be generous by seeing this act of faith. Thank you!

Pastor RB, Ratesara, Chattisgarh (Received July 2, 2021 via email)
Thank you so much for your precious help during this pandemic. I have been facing financial problems. There are seven members in my family, five children, my wife and me.

Pastor RK, Delhi (Received July 1, 2021 via email)
On behalf of our church family, I would like to thank you and the believers for your unselfish love. Because of your love, we have distributed dry ration kits in our community. Almost 20 families have received the kits. They are very happy. Most of them are widows who do not have anything.

Pastor DRH, Balasore, Odisha (Received June 25, 2021 via email)
Firstly, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our living God for His grace and mercy towards my family and ministry till date. Thank you so much Covid Relief Team for your compassion and prayer support to my family and ministry. Your timely financial help has encouraged me a lot. It brings me excitement in Christ. I have greater confidence to move forward. With this money I first plan to give my tithes. After that, I will pay the grocery store, set aside money for the next 2-3 months, purchase some study material for my kids, buy insurance for my scooter and get some repair work done which is an urgent need. I honor your compassion and vision which God has given you.

Pastor KN, Madhapar, Gujarat (Received June 25, 2021 via email)
We as a family are grateful for your timely help. This means a lot to us during this pandemic. Our children have been promoted to the next class and their online classes have already started. Thank you so much for making it possible. They were not allowed to attend online classes till they cleared their fees. Your help has come at the right time. Thank you so much.

Pastor SK, Pune, Maharashtra (Received June 25, 2021 as audio message)
I wanted to inform you that I got support from your church. I want to thank God because He has done a miracle beyond my thinking and imagination. I want to thank your people & team for the great work, because you have set an example to the nations. I want to thank you (APC Staff) and not just thank, but bless you & your family. May God bless you abundantly, fulfil your desires and bless your ministry in a glorious way.

Mr JA, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (Received June 24, 2021 via email)
Thank you for the Covid education help sent in time. I received the money and paid my children B & A’s fees. Their exams are going to start next week. If we had missed paying the fees, they would not have been permitted to take up the exams. The Lord has taken care of that through your gift, which covers 50 percent of their 2021 fees. This provision was an answer to my prayer for my children's education. All four of us at home were affected by Covid and that caused a financial burden on us. As a family, we want to extend our thanks to the Lord, the church and all the dear believers who have contributed.

Pastor JM, Bangalore, Karnataka (Received June 24, 2021 via email)
Please accept my sincere gratitude for your willingness and generous help during this crisis. Your inquiries let us know how much you cared. These situations have brought us all closer together in the Lord. I am thankful to God for this divine connection.

Pastor PSM, Trichy, Tamil Nadu (Received June 23, 2021 via email)
I am thankful for the support I received. Ever since March, I have been struggling to buy medicines for my son who has had a brain stroke. I am also struggling to manage our daily needs. It is God’s provision through your organisation which has helped us survive this lockdown. May His grace uphold and strengthen you to support thousands of suffering servants of God.

Mr AL , Bangalore, Karnataka (Received June 23, 2021 via email)
I thank God for this miracle. I was in need. I did not know what to do about the school fees of my children. I prayed to God and He opened a door through All Peoples Church. My family is blessed by this fund. Thank you. Please pray for us. We will pray for all those who supported us.

Pastor NM, Gurdaspur, Punjab (Received June 22, 2021 via email)
Thank you for your help to our church members. We appreciate it. You have shared the love of Christ with us. Our heartfelt thanks to you. This help was extended to widows, senior citizens, physically challenged and other needy people. Mr. K went missing two years ago, he was addicted to drugs. His wife S also received one of the ration kits. She is taking care of three children while working as a house help to make ends meet. When we gave her the food packets, she cried because they did not have anything to eat. Together with her children, she had been praying for food. Please continue to pray for our area. Many young people are destroying their lives by using drugs. Thank you again for your love and kindness.

Pastor MBK, Banswara, Rajasthan (Received June 22, 2021 via email)
‘Thank you’ from my heart for all your prayers and cooperation. You sent us money to help needy believers of the churches of the Lord. I will always be grateful to you for this great work you have done of providing rations to them.

Pastor SS, Firozpur, Punjab (Received June 20, 2021 via email)
I don't have enough words to thank you. This is really a great blessing for the poor and needy, especially widows, those living in slums and some pastors who are doing independent ministry in Punjab. We are very happy with the work. Those who received the ration kits in this difficult time of COVID-19 lockdown were facing many problems. I used to go to different places and distribute food kits. The people have been praying for me and those who are helping me. The greatest thing is that I gave food kits to some slum families for the first time and shared the Gospel as well. They believed in Jesus and received Him. All glory and honor be to our Lord Jesus Christ through this great work. Thank you so much for your kind and loving heart. Please continue to pray for me, my family, and the ministry that I am doing in Punjab.

Mr. J R, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu (Received June 18, 2021 via email)
From the bottom of my heart I thank the Lord God for helping me. I have no words to say, “Thank you.” May the Lord bless you and your church believers who have helped me in this difficult situation. This help you are doing will certainly shed light in the lives of many. Its reward will surely be in heaven.

Pastor AU, Pune, Maharashtra (Received June 18, 2021 via email)
The Lord has blessed me through you during this lockdown. We as a family are serving the Lord with a small group in a remote area. As a family we were praying to the Lord to support us in this lockdown. We did not have a single rupee in the pocket or in the account. My children used to cry for normal food and milk, but we were helpless. We were not able to understand what to do and so we cried to the Lord. A pastor sent me your support link. I cried while filling the form because we were in need and I prayed to the Lord, thanking Him for giving me support. On June 11, early in the morning I saw a message on my mobile phone. I cried to the Lord with thanksgiving for His support and supply. That early morning, the first thing I did was to buy milk for my children. For 6 months they did not have proper food. The Lord is gracious to support me through all of you. Thank you all again for your support and love. Really, you have been a blessing to many, and the Lord will bless you all for taking care of your brothers in Christ and their families. May the Lord bless you and prosper you to be a greater blessing and guidance to the nation.

Pastor MS, Kalahandi, Odisha (Received June 18, 2021 via email)
Thank you very much for your kind favor in providing education fund for my daughter in such a difficult time. Without your help, it really would have not been possible for me to pay this amount. I thank God who heard our prayer and led you. I am very grateful to all the believers and churches who extended their helping hands towards us.

Pastor CJ, Kollam, Kerala (Received June 17, 2021 via email)
I would like to inform you that I have received money in my account as a support from you. My church has been closed for many weeks now. I had a lot of difficulties when it came to family-related expenses. I am really thankful, for this help extended to me in this difficult time.

Pastor SS, Idukki, Kerala (Received June 16, 2021 via email)
I have received the precious financial gift you transferred into my account. It is a great blessing for my family, as our house rent was pending, and we had other needs as well. We were blessed with the help.

Pastor HN, Nabrangpur, Odisha (Received June 15, 2021 via email)
I thank God for his protection and provision during these difficult times. Thank you to the Pastor of APC, believers, and the support team for your valuable and sacrificial support towards me and my family in this critical time. I was facing a lot of financial struggles due to the COVID situation. Till now churches are closed, we are unable to do any house visiting, believers are not getting work opportunities as many of them are laborers. But your financial support has been a great help for us.

Pastor VS, Kolhapur, Maharashtra (Received June 15, 2021 via email)
I would like to thank APC, Bangalore and the various churches who generously and sacrificially stood with our community by providing financial help during the COVID-19 pandemic. My family and I are overwhelmed by your act of the love of Jesus Christ through your generous donation. This has helped us a lot during this time of need and uncertainty. I praise God for that.

Pastor PDM, Mandla, Madhya Pradesh (Received June 14, 2021 via email)
I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all believers of All People Church, Bangalore, and other churches for their kind and generous support to me and for the ministry, during the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. This great financial support has reached us at the right time, while we were really going through a severe crisis and I believe that this act of your generous heart, will definitely add value to the lives of many more people to know the love of Christ through our ministry in the days to come. Please continue to pray for us, as we face many challenges during the ministry. God may use us in a mighty way amidst all situations.

Pastor SK, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (Received June 14, 2021 via email)
I am writing to you from the depths of my heart. You have wiped my tears. A big “Thank you” to you for your great help. Nowadays I do not have financial support. Thank you for your concern for me and my problem. I will pray for your ministry and wonderful church that is helping needy Pastors like myself.

Pastor KK, Khammam, Telangana (Received June 14, 2021 via email)
We thank you so much for the financial help that you sent us. We cannot express how grateful we are to you. This help has been a very timely and much needed help to us, as we are facing a crisis with the churches being shut down. Even the believers are not able to support us because we live in a remote village. We deeply appreciate and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you and everyone who are part in this contribution. Please keep praying for us and our ministry and family. We are praying for you too.

Pastor KT, Pinjore, Haryana (Received June 12, 2021 via email)
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for paying my child's BCA 2nd semester fees.
My earnest prayer for all of you. May God bless you abundantly for doing a great work during this COVID time.

Pastor BT, Muvatupuzha, Kerala (Received June 11, 2021 via email)
I received the support yesterday. We really praise God for His amazing grace and the provision that the Lord has given through you and your beloved Church. This support is really a great help in this pandemic situation to me and my family. My church is very small in number and for the last many months, we didn’t have in-person services. I thank God for your great vision and burden for the pastors like me. I know God is going to do great and mighty things in you and the loving church (Hebrew 6:10)

Mrs. KJJ, Udaipur, Rajasthan (Received June 8, 2021 via email)
We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the team at All Peoples Church for helping me with money for my children’s education during this pandemic. It was a great relief for me. I am always thankful to you.

Mrs. SV, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (Received June 1, 2021 via email)
I am SV, w/o late Pastor KPK. Thank you for providing financial support to my family. My husband who used to work as a secretary in Dubai left his job for his calling and came into ministry. He served God with his whole heart and soul. However, I feel disheartened to inform you that he was affected with Covid when he attended a funeral on May 3, 2021. On May 5, 2021, he tested COVID positive. After 10 days of struggle, he passed away on the May 15, 2021, leaving us in agony. After two days of this, my daughter and I were shocked to find out that we too were COVID positive. During this time, a staff from your team called. He was so kind and gentle. He understood our situation and encouraged us that our life will be normal once again. When I informed him that we did not even have rice in our house, he immediately deposited Rs. 1000 to purchase some essential items. He enquired about the rent, education, and grocery amount for the next three months and assured us that we would get the support. We are very grateful to the ministry for helping us financially during this situation.

Mrs. IS, Bangalore, Karnataka (Received May 29, 2021 via text)
Thank you so much for the 3 months’ gift of rent and provisions for A’s wife V and their four children. They were truly blessed with this gift from heaven in the midst of their deep brokenness! They were also touched by the staff’s care and concern during her interactions with them during the past week. God bless you and the entire team that is helping to activate this program of immediate relief to the affected families.


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