Prophet, Priest and King - imitating Jesus Christ

Prophet,Priest and King, Men's Conference, 2022

Men, husbands and fathers need to recognize their calling as prophet priest and king of their own lives, homes, families, workplace and communities. It serves as a helpful framework for spiritual leadership. Every believer is called to imitate Jesus Christ, and this includes imitating Jesus as Prophet, Priest and King. This is not a status symbol, but represent ways to serve others under our care. Prophet, priest and king are three-fold offices found in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Holy Spirit anointed people in the Old Testament to stand in these offices. The Lord Jesus Christ came as the Anointed One and fulfills these three offices of Prophet, Priest and King. The New Testament believer is anointed by God and has the inherent calling to stand in these roles. In Men’s Conference 2022, we look at how we as men can stand and fulfil our role as prophet, priest and king, starting with our own lives, as husbands, fathers, over our families/homes, in the workplace and in all our areas of involvement. God appointed you as prophet, priest and king. As prophet you LISTEN to God and bring His counsel. As priest you PRAY to God and guide in His ways. As king you are a SERVANT-LEADER, like Jesus. Discover practical ways to fulfill your calling as prophet, priest and king!

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