Answers to life questions

If you are desiring to explore answers to some challenging questions about life and the Christian faith, we recommend listening to these sermons. Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further assistance you may need in your personal journey of faith.

God and Creation
In this stimulating message we discover four strong reasons that confirm the existence of God and six evidences for creation. Simple, yet convincing. Equip yourself to share Christ with those who do not believe.
The Bible - It's Authenticity And Accuracy
In this message, loaded with historical information, we discover the authenticity of the Old and New Testament Scriptures. The Bible is truly God's voice to us, preserved and given to us in a manner we can understand, receive and live by.
The Uniqueness Of Jesus Christ
Why Is Jesus Christ Unique? What makes Jesus so different from other great men in history, from other religious leaders, and other faiths? Discover nine powerful truths on the absolute uniqueness of Jesus Christ!
Why Do You Say Jesus Christ is the Only Way To Salvation?
Is Jesus Christ the only way to salvation? Our answer is "Yes". In a world today where pluralism and relativism are readily embraced, where people try to accommodate every idea and notion, and pretentiously overlook obvious contradictions, truth that is "hard and fast" is not readily welcomed. But our goal is not to please people but to proclaim the truth in love and understanding. Each one is free then to make their own decision after having heard the truth. We present 3 simple, yet important reasons why.
How Can I Get Free from Things That Hold Me?
Are we really free? In a world where we pay such a great price for freedom, we still seem to be prisoners of ourselves, our behaviours, self-destructive habits, fears, enslaving emotions, violent tempers, secret addictions and more. In this message, 'Free to be me', we learn how to be free from compulsive and controlling behaviours. Be blessed!
Answers To Common Questions on Christian life and Marriage
Asking questions is not a sin! It is good to ask, discuss and understand so that we know God's heart and what we believe. In Part-1 of this series, we discuss common questions that were asked regarding Christian walk and marriage, including questions on finding a life partner, divorce, idols and submission to authority. Next week, we'll answer questions on lifestyle, theology and the local church. Happy listening!
Answers To Common Questions on Living and Lifestyle
In this second part of Answers to Common Questions, we respond to questions on Christian Lifestyle. These include responses on issues like movies, parties, drinking, jewellery, tattoos, finance, profession, abortion, culture, friends, dating and horoscopes. We trust you will find these helpful. Be blessed!
Answers To Common Questions on Theology and the Church
In Part-3 where we address questions that are theological in nature, we cover issues such as the Sovereignty of God, suicide, demonic possession, Sabbath, salvation, sexual dreams, depression, creation, etc. Be enriched as you discover simple Biblical responses to some common questions.


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