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PJ Albert

Every addict starts out thinking he or she will definitely be able to break the habit at will. The will turns into a 'won't' because chemical dependency forces serious changes in the brain ending with enslavement.


Benny Prasad

How can one draw a person away from the depression that accompanies failure?


Johnny Lever

Money, fame, status, friends, alcohol.. life was one big party for this actor till in a moment of truth, he came face to face with harsh reality.


Anand Pillai

Contrary to his name Anand which means 'joy', his early experience was that of depression and despair.



H.T Sangliana, former IPS officer and politician did not just get by doing his bit for his country but reached the pinnacle of success by choosing the right path especially in sticky situations.


Anand Matthew

Children from good homes sometimes go astray even when loved by doting parents and looked up to by devoted siblings.


Reny George

It is not always circumstance that corrupt a life. Sometimes, a person chooses to go the wrong way and the resident evil helps him grow more obnoxious every passing season.


Kiran Sabnani

Black Magic - Its danger is compounded by the fact that its insidious promoters insist it is not as "black" or bad as it is made out to be.


Anand Mahadevan

Everyone else thinks you have everything but you know there is that One Great Lack in your life.


Mark Mascarenhas

This national football player is candid about how his lifestyle went out of control because of the adulation of fans and how he got a second chance -


Richard Tholoor

When he discovered dancing, it soon became his passion which took him to the stages of the highest levels of competitive dancing.


Akash Gowda

Pornography lured him with the promise of 'more' taking him on a downward spiral of pain and shame, locking him in a prison of fantasy alienated from all real people.. all alone.


Divya Thangamma

Is it possible to be set free - and remain free - from occult invasion and demonic intrusions?
For decades a family was tormented by seemingly coincidental mishaps each with grave consequences.


Jayasheela Gowda

Only those who have been haunted by Fear know what it is to fear. There is a tight knot in the tummy, palms turn clammy, there is a strange drumming in the ears,


Auto Raja

This man shamed his family, was caught pawning his mother's jewellery and finally thrown out of the house.
Is it really worth it to waste one's time, thoughts on people like this?


Nitin Warrier

Nitin had many questions in life. Despite his efforts to seek answers from people around him, he was never truly satisfied with the advice he received.


Charles Benedict

As a child Charles endured one of the most horrific atrocities of humanity- sexual abuse. The repeated abuse scarred him for life and he found himself developing addictions that were destroying him on the inside.



Manikavalli had a traditional upbringing, which helped inculcate good values in her from an early age. She hero-worshipped her grandfather, a priest who was also a renowned astrologer in his town.