Our Redemption

Every Christian is a redeemed person. This means that we were brought out from being in bondage to the devil. Satan cannot legally oppress a believer with his evil works. We were once in bondage, but now we are free. We were once in the kingdom of darkness, but we are now in the Kingdom of light. Our redemption is a present tense reality. It is not as though we are hoping to be redeemed from satan’s dominion sometime in the future. The price has already been paid for. We have been set free. Here and now —as we journey through this life—we can enjoy the benefits of the redemption we have in Christ. When the enemy attempts to come against us with his works—sinful bondages, sicknesses, lack, oppositions and so on—we can proclaim our redemption and resist the works of darkness, for we are the redeemed of the Lord!