Living Life Without Strife

There is strife everywhere—in the family, at the workplace, in ministry, in church and so on—and it eats away at human relationships. There is probably no facet of life left untouched by this cancerous thing called strife. What IS strife? It is division, quarrel, hatred, ill feeling, contention, enmity or factions between people. The objectives of this book are to understand what causes strife, the negative effects that strife has in our lives and to learn how to keep strife out of our lives. As individuals, we are called to keep strife out of our lives. The day is at hand! Therefore let us get rid of the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. It is a challenge for all of us! We have to keep telling ourselves, “Immaterial of what happens, what other people say or do, how many opportunities for strife may come our way way we are going to live our lives without strife!”