Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Lord's desire is for all believers to be endued with and demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit in order to bear witness to who He is. We are to be His witnesses everywhere and at all times. The gifts of the Spirit are like our ''tool box'', tools given to us to manifest the power of the Holy Spirit, so that the Lord Jesus will be glorified and people will be touched, ministered to and transformed, everywhere we go. The Holy Spirit distributes and manifests these gifts as He wills. But as co-workers with him, we must earnestly desire these gifts and we must learn how to yield, to cooperate, and properly release these gifts so that people will be ministered to as He desires and Jesus will be glorified. Often, because we do not know how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit we either quench, grieve or even resist His expressions through us. This book is intended to be a simple and easy to use training manual to help believers understand and learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit to release the gifts of the Spirit. The goal is to see believers moving and releasing the gifts of the Spirit regularly, anywhere and at any time as the Spirit of the Lord moves through them.