Youth Ministry church in Bangalore

"Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe." (1 Timothy 4:12)

APC youth ministry is youth doing ministry. We aim to empower the youth to be disciples of Jesus Christ and make an impact on our world.

Our vision is for young people to be salt and light in the city of Bangalore, a voice to our nation and to the nations.

Key Focus Areas

DISCIPLESHIP : To disciple young people in their Christian faith and empower them to be people of influence and impact for the Kingdom of God.

OUTREACH : To relate to young people in our city in ways that are relevant so that they can encounter and experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

We desire to have APC's youth ministry defined by youth doing ministry—impacting the world, making a difference.

Here is what we want to see happening through our youth ministry :
1. Strengthening young people within APC
2. Reaching young people in our city
3. Impacting urban youth across our nation
4. Building rural youth through rural missions

The "DNA" of APC Youth Ministry

The DNA of APC Youth Ministry is to live life the Jesus way! We live life the Jesus way both “inward” and “outward.”

Know and experience God's love everyday through knowing, believing and living His Word.
Love and pursue God passionately through prayer and worship.
Personally guard the body, spirit and Soul from being corrupted by the things of this world and present ourselves as holy & acceptable.
Live like Christ and let the Word be our guide for everything we do

Encourage, edify and challenge each other to reach higher levels of spirituality.
Love people and pursue things that build one another and refrain from things that would destroy or distract someone.
Discover our gifts and serve wholeheartedly to build the Church and extend His Kingdom.

The APC Youth Service
PITSTOP is the APC Youth gathering for all the young people which is focused on encouraging and equipping youth to be people of influence and impact for the Kingdom of God.
These youth services are designed to address real-life issues, impart godly values, communicate timeless biblical principles for daily living and to impact other young people.  It includes a time of powerful worship, teaching, Experience sharing, ministering through Performing arts and meaningful group discussions

Monthly Youth Meetings
Every month youth meetings are held at each of our locations, one Sunday a month after the main Sunday service. This is a great time of fellowship and learning. Please check with your location pastor for schedule.

Youth Life Groups
Youth Life Groups are a great place for young people to connect, develop meaningful relationships, and grow together in the faith. Please see our current life group listing for youth Life Groups.

Annual Youth Camp
Once every year during the last week of May, we host our three day youth camp. These are three days of power packed sessions on a theme for that year, with times of worship, prayer, ministry, lots of fun, food and games.

Annual Youth Day Out
Once a year, usually the 26th of January, our young people go out on a fun day to spend time getting to know each other. Our youth pastors also take this time to set the vision and direction of the youth ministry for the year.

Local Church Ministry, Campus Elevates and Missions
APC's young people are actively involved in ministry, serving in many different areas of local church ministry during our Sunday services (e.g. Worship teams, Ushering, Media, etc.) and during the week. Our young people are also actively involved in outreaches such as Campus Elevates that reach college students in our city and on Missions trips that take us across the nation.