2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

Dear APC Church Family and Friends,

Loving Greetings!

It is customary for us, at the end of each year to share a quick review and highlight some of the key areas of ministry. We did not do this in 2020 and 2021, as much of the work was on pause during the pandemic. We are grateful that in 2022, especially from around the middle of this year, we have been able to resume many of our regular ministry efforts. Below is a quick review, much of which happened in the second half of 2022.

Where appropriate total expenses/data for individual ministry work is listed for the 2022 calendar year, as of December 22, 2022.

Overall, it has been a great year, and we are grateful to the Lord for all that He has entrusted to us.

Thank you to each one of you for being part of this journey and serving and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ!

APC's annual audited financial reports are available at: apcwo.org/financials.

We were able to resume all our Sunday church services and are at about 70% in attendance to pre-pandemic numbers. We have also started an 8am Sunday service at APC Central.
Number of new members in 2022: 75 (formally welcomed as members)
Number of water baptisms in 2022: 56
Number of first-time decisions made in 2022: 16 (in-person decision cards)

Children’s Church has resumed at all locations. Happy that children could be back together. Kids Conference was held online the early part of this year.

Regular youth meetings resumed at the locations, including PITSTOP. In addition, we hosted a 3-day Youth Camp (₹ 2,34,336/-), and a one-day Youth Retreat (₹ 1,42,638/-).

Teen Church for ages 13-19, was a new ministry we started this year. This is going well, with the teens having their own time and space to discuss, learn and grow in their faith together.

We are grateful to all those who help serve in our worship teams leading us in worship. APC Music released 4 new songs, two English, one Hindi, and one Tamil. Total spend for APC Music production was ₹ 11,52,179/-. We also had a one-day Worship team retreat (₹ 57,312/-).

Life Groups were being held online during the pandemic. We currently have 23 Life Groups, most of which have transitioned to in-person meetings and/or doing a hybrid with online and in-person gatherings. We look forward to starting several new Life Groups in 2023.

We were able to resume our in-person Weekend schools, and about 4 of these were held. In 2023 we will have Weekend Schools and Workshops throughout the year.

We resumed several of our regular conferences:
Christian Leaders Conference (₹ 5,46,170/-)
Women’s Conference (₹ 2,87,814/-)
Men’s Conference (₹ 1,99,321/-)
Christian Professionals Conference (₹ 86,992/-)

APC BIBLE COLLEGE (₹ 22,33,985/-)
From March 2020 through April 2022, all our Bible College lectures were held online. We had launched our E-learning option last year August 2021.
This August 2022, for the first time we had all 3 learning options: On-campus, Online and E-Learning.
The Online and E-Learning options have enabled us to extend our reach into 92 countries with over 1500 students.

APC BOOKS (₹ 38,07,437/-)
We resumed printing and distribution of APC Books from the second half of 2022. In addition to English, APC Books are being translated into 9 Indian languages and 5 international languages. Audio books in English are also available. Digital versions of APC Books are being distributed via all major digital platforms.

Chrysalis Counseling continues to serve numerous people with both online and in-person counseling. In 2022, 66 individuals made use of counseling services. Additionally, 8 couples went through their Marriage Preparation Course with Chrysalis Counseling.

Through our church website (apcwo.org) our online content, sermons, videos, and books are accessed by people globally: 196,890 visits (up from 152,690 in 2021) from 6491 cities (locations), from 208 countries, with 62,385 downloads (up from 29,755 in 2021). APC’s content is also distributed globally through several other online channels.

Starting in the second half of 2022, APC teams made trips to 7 locations around India, teaching, training, and ministering.

We continue to support our 11 outreach churches outside of Bangalore. These outreach churches are doing well, and we look forward to planting many more new churches around the country.

APC continues to financially contribute to and partner with other missions organizations across our country.

APC GENEROSITY FUND (₹ 6,06,400/-) AND INDIA CARE (₹ 1,83,260/-)
To individuals and households in need we provide one-time/short-term financial assistance primarily for daily necessities, medical or educational expenses. A total of ₹ 7,89,660/- was given this year. The India Care project which was initiated during the pandemic has been phased out, and all incoming/outgoing funds for this ministry area are managed through APC’s Generosity Fund.

We are deeply grateful for all the volunteers who have resumed serving. We have had about 170 people volunteer after we resumed in-person ministry work and hope to see this grow to 300+ people in 2023. We spent ₹ 4,82,931/- for our Volunteers Appreciation Day to say thank you to all our volunteers. We are deeply grateful for all the volunteers who serve.

There are several areas of ministry we need to bring back to full capacity, including our in-person prayer times, extending our outreaches into schools and colleges in Bangalore, performing arts, missions work, etc. Some of the new initiatives include (1) Life Coaching at APC, (2) Church Planting Accelerator Program (CPAP) both national and international, (3) APC Media Outreach (short films), (4) APC World Missions, (5) Pastors and Ministers Fellowship International (PAMFI), (6) Enhancing our online outreaches, etc. We will add new staff to help with the increased workload and for new initiatives that are planned.


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