Sealing An Eternal Covenant
Mon, Mar 12, 2018
Covenant is a solemn promise, an oath. It had responsibilities/terms, promises/blessings/privileges and consequences/curses - words which were often spoken out or written down.The most powerful of covenant is the blood covenant. The blood covenant ceremony was to announce the 'terms' or words of the covenant, and then to ratify/seal the covenant. It is ratified (comes into effect) and is sealed with blood - meaning life for life. This covenant is backed up by your life and any violation of this covenant will cost life. The one making a blood covenant does so at the expense of life.
Our Complete Redemption
Mon, Mar 05, 2018
Redemption deals with our rescue and restoration from the Fall – delivering us from sin, satan and death. We are redeemed from sin’s power, from the empty way of living handed down to us and the curse of the law. This way we have the right standing with God to be sons and daughters, to be kings and priests into a covenant of blessing.
The Passover Lamb
Mon, Feb 26, 2018
The blood of the Passover Lamb provided protection from the destroyer. The blood of the Passover Lamb led to their deliverance and freedom from slavery.
The Lamb Of God
Mon, Feb 19, 2018
In the Old Testament, a lamb without blemish was often used as sin offering, for a trespass or guilt offering, for a burnt offering, and for a peace offering. Jesus was God’s Lamb for the sins of the whole world. His blood had to be shed if He was to become the Substitute for all of mankind. Once for all He became the complete offering for sin.
By The Blood
Mon, Feb 12, 2018
The shedding of blood provided a covering for sin through an acceptable sacrifice. The shedding of blood made a covenant with God possible when He established a covenant with Abram with blood. It made possible complete protection from the destroyer. The blood consecrates or sanctifies unto the Lord. The shedding of blood made complete atonement and removing of sin possible.
Psalms 112
Mon, Feb 05, 2018
When it comes to triumphing and having victory in our life, there is a critical factor that brings triumph and victory that we need to understand, and that is our awareness of our Righteousness in Christ. This Psalm is about the blessings of a man who fears God and delights in His commandments.
Psalms 103
Mon, Jan 29, 2018
This Psalm talks about a Father who forgives, heals, redeems, blesses us with His lovingkindness and mercies, satisfies us with good things, renews our youth, executes righteousness and justice. He is unchanging and sovereign.
Psalms 91
Mon, Jan 22, 2018
This is a Psalm of protection, immunity, deliverance and longevity. In this life, we need to practice a 3-fold posture of life - Relationship, declaration and boldness.
Psalms 37
Mon, Jan 15, 2018
This Psalm is an encouragement to the righteous to keep trusting, delighting, waiting, walking and resting in the Lord. Do not fret, instead trust, delight, commit, rest and wait.
Psalms 23
Mon, Jan 08, 2018
The Lord is to me, what a shepherd to the innocent, weak, little sheep. God’s heart is toward me, for me, interested in me, and desires good for me – just the way a shepherd is, for, interested in and carefully for my sheep. The Great Infinite Creator, cares for me, the way a shepherd cares for his sheep. He never intends any harm, any evil, never desires any danger for his sheep. He would always ensure that they have enough food and water. So is God Almighty to me…