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God's Covenant Names
Mon, Apr 23, 2018
Through time God revealed Himself with many Covenant names, each revealing a little more of who He is and what He would be to His people or what He would bestow on His people, what His people can expect because they are in a covenant relationship with such a One.
By The Blood
Mon, Feb 12, 2018
The shedding of blood provided a covering for sin through an acceptable sacrifice. The shedding of blood made a covenant with God possible when He established a covenant with Abram with blood. It made possible complete protection from the destroyer. The blood consecrates or sanctifies unto the Lord. The shedding of blood made complete atonement and removing of sin possible.
Word of the Lord 2015
Mon, Jan 05, 2015
2015 : A Year of Resurrected Dreams! What has been given up as "dead and gone" God will resurrect. What has been given up as lost, will be regained. What seems to have been destroyed, will be rebuilt. What seems to have been ruined, will be restored. 2015 is such a season. God imparts dreams into our hearts. These are God-given. Do not let go of these. How these dreams unfold and express themselves in our lives could be very different from what we imagined or expected. What is important is seeing the dream fulfilled, not the manner in which it happens.
Code of Honor (Part 7) Money & Fame
Mon, Apr 28, 2014
Some people always seem to do the right thing! And the reason they remain so consistent – they have a personal code of honor. A code that helps them live right. Men and Women in christian ministry are called to live a life worthy of respect and honor, in their homes, church and wherever they go. In this series on the CODE OF HONOR, we discover these timeless truth which are standards for believers in ministry. Today, on Living Strong we focus on the CODE of HONOR in the area of money and fame.