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One New Man
Mon, Jun 26, 2017
All that we experience in our life in Christ, beginning with salvation is by grace through faith. Paul shares with us what the Lord Jesus has done for us - both Jews and Gentiles. He has made us one - in Jesus there is neither Greek nor Jew (Galatians 3:28). The middle wall of separation, the law of commandments contained in ordinances has been abolished. We, both Jews and Gentiles are now one new man following the Lord Jesus and His Word for us. This has been made possible through the what Jesus accomplished on the Cross.
God's Saving Grace
Mon, May 23, 2016
It is the grace of God that brings salvation. Christ’s death on the cross, burial and resurrection is an expression of God’s grace toward us.
The House of God (Part 8) The Vine and The Branches & The Lampstand
Mon, Jul 21, 2014
Before we begin the construction of a building, the master architect draws up a blueprint of the layout and design according to which the building is to be constructed. In a similar way in the Bible, we find God giving us a blueprint for the building of strong local churches, churches that will have impact and influence. On the program today, we talk about one important aspect of this blueprint – The Vine, The Lampstand and, Conclude this series.