Literally, one invitation given to someone to explore Jesus, can change their lives forever. This is the simplest and easiest way for all of us to engage in winning souls and making disciples. In this series we learn 4 practical ways to winning souls and making disciples.

    Revival is bringing something that is dead back to life. Much of today's Church needs reviving. When God comes in an unusual way releasing His presence and power over and above what a church normally experiences we call it a visitation of God. Every visitation of God should become a habitation of God and become a move of God, going beyond that church into the community, city and nation.

    We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And because there cannot be anything unclean entering into the kingdom of God, we're separated. But then, the Grace of God is our everlasting hope that unlocks the gates of heaven. Through His son Jesus, we're accepted. Grace empowers us to be over comers, to reign in life and and to fulfill divine destiny. This series covers various facets of grace giving us a deeper knowledge of how we can practice this gift which has been freely given to us.

    God's heart is redemptive in nature. God never quits on what He starts. He loves and saves to the uttermost no matter what the cost. In this 3-part series, our goal is to understand and capture the redemptive heart of God, so that we will learn to view life's situations with His redemptive heart and also learn to be co-workers with God in His redemptive process for things in our own lives as well as of those around us.