Youth Workshops
Youth workshops are held on selected Saturdays (4pm-8pm) through the year on topics of relevance to young people just finishing college or in the early stages (less than 7 years) of their professional career. The Workshops are conducted by experienced professionals at APC on topics such as : Education & Career Choices; Skills for Success; Maximizing Potential and Performance; Growing Professionally Within An Organization; Entrepreneurship. These topics are addressed with a Biblical perspective, presenting Christian principles, and emphasizing discipleship, witness and missions. The objective of these workshops is to raise up a generation of marketplace Christians who will see His Kingdom come, His will be done in the marketplace.

Schedule for 2017 (click to register)
Sat 23-Sep Youth Workshop: Skills for Success
Sat 28-Oct Youth Workshop: Entrepreneurship

Venue: APC Office Kalyan Nagar
Saturdays (4pm-8pm)
Registration fees: Rs. 200/- (includes snacks and tea)

Special Workshops

Personal Financial Planning Workshop
This workshop will cover Biblical perspective on finances, financial planning and goal setting, effective money management, and address important topics like savings & investment, borrowing, planning and monitoring. A must attend workshop to know how to get your personal finances in order.
(click to register)
Sat 4-Nov Personal Financial Planning Workshop

Venue: APC Office Kalyan Nagar
Saturdays (10am-4pm)
Registration fees: Rs. 200/- (includes lunch and tea)