2018 Missions Plans | Prepare to Go!
Here is our "2018 Missions" schedule.
Remember, "the light that shines the farthest, shines brightest at home" (CT Studd).
Our missions trips is a way for us to pass to the Church across our nation, what God has been gracious to pour into our lives. We conduct Christian Leaders Conferences on various topics for pastors and those involved in ministry. We also conduct FOUNDATIONS for youth to help strengthen them in their personal spiritual lives.
You can be involved in many ways:
  • In TEACHING/MINISTRY in these sessions
  • As a PRAYER WARRIOR, go with the missions team and pray on-location for conferences and for the cities we go to.
  • LOGISTICS helping out with registrations, book table, and other administrative tasks.
For more information or to enroll as part of a specific missions team, please email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please read the APC Missions Guidelines before registering   Missions Guidelines
February 07-08 (Wed-Thu) Nagpur, Maharashtra
Encouragement Seminar for Pastors
February 09-10 (Fri-Sat) Sholapur, Maharashtra
Kingdom Builders
March 20-21 (Tue-Wed) Chandigarh, Punjab
Gifts of the Spirit
May 07-11 (Mon-Fri) Pune, Maharashtra
Pune Youth Camp   Click to Register
May 29-31 (Tue-Thu) Gujarat
Youth Camp with Bishop Devadoss   Click to Register
June 26-27 (Tue-Wed) Bellary, Karnataka
House of God
June 28-29 (Thu-Fri) Chittradurga, Karnataka
House of God
July 03-04 (Tue-Wed) Mysore, Karnataka
Gifts of the Spirit
July 17-18 (Tue-Wed) Ranchi, Jharkhand
Gifts of the Spirit
September 17-19 (Mon-Wed) Kathmandu, Nepal
Blessing Conference
September 27-29 (Thu-Sat) Dubai
Kingdom Builders
October 01-03 (Mon-Wed) Kolkatta Conference
Pastors & Youth conference   Click to Register
October 30-31 (Tue-Wed) Kohima, Nagaland
Level Ground
Short Term Bible College Schedule
Nabarangpur, Odisha (February 05 - April 27) in English & Odisha
Varanasi, UP (September 03 – November 30) in English & Hindi